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When logging into Softship.SAPAS, you are shown a dashboard that gives instant visibility over your open offers, port calls, task list and news. This provides an up-to-the-minute report for you and your colleagues on the status of all your activities.

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Master data

This is the heart of your Softship.SAPAS and contains preloaded data alongside your own proprietary information which is then used throughout the system. Sections include information on countries, ports and berths; vessels and their characteristics; your business partners including customers, owners and charterers; tariffs and other financials; and any other information you would like to capture.

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User defined fields

Importantly, this facility allows you to add a range of user defined fields to those we already offer. This is allowed for any screen in Softship.SAPAS giving you the option to customise Softship.SAPAS to suit your individual business requirements without needing specialist technical knowledge. Six field types (eg date, text, checkboxes etc) give full flexibility and customisation allowing your own information to be captured, organised and retrieved. User defined fields can be hidden if required and then made visible again at a later date. Your own information and personal data is always kept private and is only accessible to you and your company colleagues.  

A comprehensive search facility provides fast and accurate data mining as well as a quick look at your most recently requested searches.

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Report Designer

The integral report designer uses a set of pre-defined (but user modified) templates enabling you to create professional, bespoke documents which can be sent on as PDF files. These include offers, statement of facts, disbursement accounts, or any other required document.

Information is automatically populated into the relevant fields before you personalise each report and “drag & drop” information to create the look and feel you require. Your modified templates are saved for future use and a print preview button ensures your finished document matches your requirements.