Containers, Breakbulk, RoRo, Shortsea/Feeder, NVOCC

The Softship.LIMA software suite has been developed specifically for carriers. Once installed, it delivers real efficiencies to your business by simplifying your business processes, eliminating duplication and enhancing communication between your individual business disciplines and your network of agents.

Softship.LIMA is built in modular format allowing you to install only the applications that you wish to use. In addition, all applications can be tailored to suit your exact business, market or local requirements. It operates from a user-friendly interface and may be installed locally or hosted remotely. Our consultants will help you build the optimum system to facilitate your company’s current and future operations.


Details of the LIMA suite

Customer Service Portal

Softship's Customer Service Portal integrates seamlessly with Softship.LIMA to provide 24/7 secure access for your customers. Use this facility to deliver enhanced visibility on customer shipments from the inital rate enquiry through to booking, bills of lading and execution of carriage. Our web portal gives your customers the information they want, improves your customer service and reduces routine enquiries to your back office team.

Utilising the portal gives you a clear competitive differentiator allowing you to deliver enhanced customer service. It delivers more efficiency to yoir documentation teams and providfes up-to-date information on booking and shipping instructions and faster processing of bookings and draft bills of lading.

Equipment Management

CMC allows you to take control of your world-wide equipment stock simply and efficiently. It manages stocks of any size including dry vans, special equipment, chassis, trailers, gensetsand others. CMC easily differentiates between equipment that is owned by you, owned by the shipper or leased from a third-party.

This module provides an accurate and easy-to-understand picture of your global equipment stock showing the equipment located in each terminal or depot as well as those items released to clients. CMC tracks container movements in and out of the terminal or depot and monitors storage and handling fees. Associated information allows easy management of leased equipment including relevant contracts. CMC will also calculate and analyseleasing costs and automatically reconcile invoices.

It also calculates demurrage and detention fees per box and automatically generates relevant invoices. This will maximisethe use of your stock, improve your cash-flow and reduce errors, disputes and duplication.

Fleet Operations

Softship.Voyces simplifies your vessel scheduling and port call management. It closely monitors the progress of each voyage and simulates a variety of scenarios to enhance reliability when a vessel deviates from its planned schedule. It delivers additional features such as an exceptions and alerts facility; statement of facts including port cost estimation modules; and customisable screens. 

Additional features provide even more functionality and offer a range of options including vessel reports and checklists; bunker management; capacity planning; and a real time view of actual and scheduled vessel positions.

Business Intelligence

The business analysis tool contained within Softship.LIMA captures the huge amount of data flowing through the application and presents it in a series of user-defined management reports. Efficient storage and identification of key data allows you to quickly identify key trends as well as activities that are performing well and those that might need attention.

This vital management tool utilises Microsoft® Sharepoint® and SQL Server® to deliver user-defined data, reports and analysis to a software client of your choice. Instant reports are generated and updated by simple drag and drop routines to deliver real-time management reports to your desktop. You may define as many reports as you need to help you make the right decisions at the right time.

Financial range

Softship.Finance controls your operating expenses and ensures that your voyage profitability is actively managed. Your agreed supplier tariffs for port and voyage related expenses are stored in Softship.Finance. With data extracted from the manifest and statement of facts, accruals for each voyage are automatically estimated.

Actual invoices are reconciled against accruals and, when approved, are posted against the voyage accounts. This enables management to monitor profitability as the voyage develops and provides full visibility over operating expenses to deliver tight cost control.

Softship.Finance will link directly to your own accounting system eliminating the need for duplicate data entry and speeding up your accounting process.

Commercial range

The applications Softship.Commercial and Softship.Booking allow you to manage your liner business across your network of offices. It provides complete visibility and management of product tariffs, contribution margins, quotations, agreements, bookings, documentation and revenue collection. You take control of your agents as they perform the day-to-day transactions required to deliver a quality service to your customers.

Softship.Commercial gives you control and visibility over your business and up-to-date information on quotes and bookings from your agents. This vital data gives you the ability to optimisevessel employment and pro-actively manage your revenues. It will increase your billing accuracy ensuring a faster and simplified revenue collection process. It also enables you to optimiseyour cargo mix, allocate space and equipment efficiently and enhance your overall level of customer service.