Automatic File Manager (EDI Guard)

EDI Guard handles your file management and the automatic transfer of your files by email (POP3, SMTP), FTP or point-to-point communication based on user defined, flexible rules. It is scalable for LAN, WAN and server farms and suitable for any electronic file exchange in a secure environment between unlimited business partners.

Using EDI Guard saves on resources by enabling automatic file transfers and achieves efficiency gains from automatic alerts to transmission failures or irregularities. It also allows user-defined rules to be pre-set so that

Softship EDI Guard

Administration, Security and Configuration

Administration, Security and ConfigurationSoftship.MasterData & Configuration gives you complete control over your entire LIMA suite. It allows you to set the rules and parameters for individual and group users including access and retrieval rights for those accessing LIMA directly or through a web browser. Softship.MasterData also enables you to fully customise pages and screens to suit your company’s specific activities.

Flexible and individual configuration without the need for programming is achieved through Softship.MasterData as is the embedding of user-reports and the ability to choose from hundreds of standard lists and reports for all business areas.