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Softship.Commercial allows you to manage your liner business across your network of offices. It provides complete visibility and management of product tariffs, contribution margins, quotations, agreements, bookings, documentation and revenue collection. You take control of your agents as they perform the day-to-day transactions required to deliver a quality service to your customers.

Softship.Commercial gives you control and visibility over your business and up-to-date information on quotes and bookings from your agents. This vital data gives you the ability to optimise vessel employment and pro-actively manage your revenues. It will increase your billing accuracy ensuring a faster and simplified revenue collection process. It also enables you to optimise your cargo mix, allocate space and equipment efficiently and enhance your overall level of customer service.

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Softship Pricing Calculator

Use Softship’s Pricing Calculator to rapidly analyse all relevant rating- and routing options for any shipment, select the optimum solution, minimise costs and maximise revenue. 

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