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Softship in the press

These are examples of Softship in the international press:


Digital adoption: foundations must be in place – Container Shipping & Trade Magazine

We discuss why the trend towards Maritime 4.0 is best understood as a process of evolution, rather than a marked milestone in the development of the global shipping industry.

Communicate or stagnate - Maritime Reporter & Engineering News

A look at the 'open plan office' approach to finding efficiencies, and how this technique applies to the use of IT software across shipping companies


Fuelling bunker efficiency post-2020 – Harbours Review

With the IMO’s 0.5% sulphur emissions regulations fast approaching, we look at how software solutions will become increasingly important for understanding and managing bunker-related costs.


Don’t try to automate before you can integrate – NafsGreen

The importance of getting the basics in place before pursuing “cool” technology.


Software cuts fuel and container handling costs – Marine Electronics & Communication

An overview of packaged software and how Softship’s LIMA suite injects efficiency and cost savings into a carrier’s daily operations


Providing a framework for autonomous shipping – Ship&Offshore

In this special smartship edition of Ship&Offshore we discuss how the baseline level of IT capability across the entire supply chain needs to improve before the industry can take full advantage of autonomous shipping concepts.


Why your port agent need greater agency in their day-to-day – Dry Cargo International

The benefits of cloud software and tailored solutions for port agents


On an equal footing - Baltic Transport Journal

Intelligent software solutions linked to the cloud and coupled with mobile technology platforms are available, but uptake is slow. We discuss why that needs to change


Seeking efficiencies from software solutions – Dry Cargo International

Break-bulk is often forgotten but here we explain the importance of choosing the correct software to streamline break-bulk processes


On the Industry's Need for Digital Integration - SeaNews Feature

Sea News received exclusive insights from Lars Fischer, Managing Director, Softship Data Processing Pte Ltd., Singapore


Chain reaction – IHS Markit Fairplay

We join the conversation about blockchain in the latest edition of Fairplay magazine


Agents of Change – Breakbulk Magazine

We look at the importance of ‘weeding out’ supply chain risk.


Debunking Digital – Maritime Logistics Professional

We look at the importance of integration when discussing digitization in global shipping



October 2017 – Integration goes hand-in-hand with digitisation - Container Shipping and Trade

We discuss the degrees of digitalisation in container shipping, and how some operators are lagging behind  

October 2017 –The benefit of wisdom - Asia Maritime Magazine

A look at why integration is a prerequisite for automation in ship operations

August 2017 – On the Origin of Meaning – Maritime Reporter and Engineering News

Some thoughts on the power of words, and why understanding ‘TechSpeak’ matters to shipping

July 2017 – Intelligent information saves time for container shipping – Maritime Electronics & Communications

A discussion on how fully integrated software saves time and money for containership carriers

May 2017 – Spare a thought for the port agent - Dry Cargo International

We look at why it is important not to overlook the role of the ship agent in securing shipping supply chains

May 2017 – Shipping must overcome fear of change to embrace digitalisation – IHS Fairplay

We share our thoughts on why digitalisation in the shipping industry should be about making people work smarter, and is nothing for end-users’ to fear.

May 2017 – The pursuit of value - All About Shipping

We reflect on the how software solutions can enable ship agency businesses of any size to add value for their customers.

May 2017 – Missing the IT Trick - World Shipping News

A look at how digitisation without integration is hindering the growth and profitability of shipping companies

April 2017 –Missing the IT trick – NafsGreen

Our thoughts on how a lack of integration between digital platforms often makes life more difficult

April 2017 – Liner companies must adapt in order to compete – Ship Management International

A brief insight into why independent liner agents must embrace smarter software solutions in order to add value for their customers.


December 2016 – Software Support from the Cloud – Shipping Network (Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers & Agents)

A look at cloud technology and how a cloud solution can assist port agents with their workaday life.

July 2016 – Port agents take up with technology – Nafs Green

A discussion on the role of port agents and how technology can help streamline their daily lives.

June 2016 – Solving day to day issues for liner shipping – Elnavi

An interview with Softship on how software can help solve some of liner shipping’s data processing issues.

June 2016 - Cloud Computing Arrives for Port Agents – Maritime Executive

A canter through the evolution of shipping software ending up with modern, cloud solution currently on offer to port agents

April 2016 – Port agents get access to the cloud – Fairplay

A look at how Softship.SAPAS stores data centrally and the security implications involved.

March 2016 – Port agents come in from the cold – Maritime Electronics and Communications

Softship explains how its new web-based port agency solution will streamline the activities of the port agent, saving time and money


November 2015 - Managing the complex business of containership operations - Marine Log

Modern IT solutions are "packaged", modular and less expensive than many bespoke systems that have been installed by larger shipping companies.

September 2015  – Operators should exploit cost savings in box maintenance and repair – Container Shipping & Trade

This commentary piece explains how operators should seek to manage costs in all areas of their business

August 2015  – Software Solutions for the Connected Ship – Maritime Executive

In this article we investigate how connecting the parties involved in container M&R can save money and free up valuable resources.

March 2015  – Boosting Bunker Efficiency – The Motorship

Wider access to sophisticated software systems is enabling more operators to manage bunkering efficiently.


December 2014 – Fuel Focus for Software – World Bunkering

A look at how software packages can boost efficiency.

October 2014 – Multi-tasking – Bunkerspot

Lars Fischer explains how software houses are making the link between vessel scheduling and bunker performance.

July 2014 – Software solutions can boost supply chain reliability – Supply Chain Asiay

Reliability in the supply chain is essential to maintain profitability. Software can assist boost reliability

June 2014 – Realising reliability – Digital Ship

A punctual container fleet is vital to maintain supply chain effectiveness. This article shows how software can help

May 2014 – Wise Choices for Intelligent Software – Maritime Executive

An investigation into how containership carriers should choose their software carefully and reap the benefits

April 2014 – Intelligent software and operational reliability – Asia Maritime.

Intelligent software can assist carriers boost their reliability and customer service levels

March 2014 – Technology can help carriers improve schedule reliability – CargoNewsAsia

A fall in reliability is concerning to carriers and shippers, this article investigates how software can help reverse the trend.

March 2014 – Softship smoothes the path for containers – Singapore Solutions

Softship was asked to contribute to this brand new publication that champions Singapore as a comprehensive, global shipping hub.


December 2013 – "Big ships, big solutions" – Maritime IT and Electronics

Containerships get larger and port turnarounds shorter, but no-one stopped to consider how mounting volumes of admin data would be handled.

October 2013 – "Online and on premise - a happy marriage" – The Digital Ship

Linking office-based systems with the online environment brings many advantages to carriers, their agents and their customers.

September 2013 – "Invest in software to achieve big cost savings" – Container Shipping & Trade

Read how an investment in quality software can generate significant financial benefits for a vessel operator.

May 2013 – "Is big always beautiful?" – The Beacon

Though larger vessels will result in a much increasing back-office activity, this might just be the catalyst for operators to move to more modern and versatile software.

March 2013 – "Hard-hit liners seek efficiencies" – Maritime CEO

"Larger vessels require either a bigger staff or a greater level of automation." Reflections on the administrative challenges of the new mega vessels.

March 2013 – "Can software cure the container shortage?" – Marine Log

Economic pressures in the container industry have made efficient management of containers a top priority for operators.

March 2013 – "Cutting the cost of containers" – Container Management

Using software to keep track of container fleet availability during normal operations or through repair and maintenance cycles can save operators significant costs.


November 2012 – "Replacing legacy IT systems could lead to savings" – Container Shipping & Trade

As IT systems begin to reach obsolescence a new generation of software could mean the shipping lines no longer have to look in-house. 

October 2012  – "Is big always beautiful?"  – Ditigal Ship

Managing the enormous numbers of containers on today's ultra large vessels means dealing with massive amounts of data - a process only to be handled efficiently through the use of modern software systems.

October 2012  – "Data control"  – Breakbulk Magazine

Breakbulk software streamlines carrier operations by monitoring profitability throughout the entire voyage in real-time.

August 2012 – "Make money on every box" – Fairplay

Know how profitable every consignment is, says Lars Fischer, managing director of Softship Data Processing.

August 2012 – "Big Brother is watching " – Maritime Executive

How Softship software applications fit into total container security

July 2012 – “Curing the paperwork pain” – Ship Management International

How an integrated software solution can deliver competitive advantage by reducing overhead and enhancing efficiency.

June 2012 – “Taking charge of your IT ” – Digital Ship

Lars Fischer talks about how a service oriented architecture can help to meet the challange of integrating all of th various types of technologies available to a shipping company IT manager.

May 2012 – "Business visibility is vital for survival" – Supply Chain Asia

Lars Fischer of Softship Data Processing Pte Ltd, Singapore, explains the reasons why IT investments can make the difference between a profitable and a not-so-profitable business approach.

February 2012 – “Software, no soft option” – Fairplay

Executive Editor, Paul Gunton reviews the international maritime software scene recognising that software investments must pay their way. He highlights Softship’s strengths as an integrated solution provider and demonstrates how the software has made a real difference to liner companies.

February 2012 – “Softship’s toughest sell” – American Shipper

Softship Executive Director, Thomas Wolff is interviewed by Editor, Chris Dupin to understand why many large liner operators are switching from bespoke systems to packaged software.

January 2012 – “Automating processes can yield large logistics savings” – Cargonews Asia

Lars Fischer gives his “viewpoint” on how automating many administrative-heavy processes within a container operator’s business can lead to efficiencies and cost reductions.


October 2011 – “Efficient off-the-shelf software from Softship” – Seatrade Magazine

As part of Seatrade’s technical feature, Softship’s ability to introduce efficiencies into the liner sector is show-cased. 

October 2011 – “The personal touch” – Containerisation International

CI Editor, John Fossey interviews Softship to understand how the sometimes conservative shipping industry is embracing new technology to realise significant competitive advantage.

August 2011 – “Can software cure the container shortage?” – Digital Ship

From a technical perspective, Digital Ship, explores Softship’s ability to manage core processes such as stock control and invoicing and highlights the positive impact this has on the current global container shortage.

April 2011 – “Keeping up at the back” – Fairplay

Lars Fischer explains how the continuing use of old and out-dated technology is hampering the performance of  some liner operators. See page 5.

March 2011 – “Decisions, decisions!” – Container Management

Considering the alternatives of buying “off-the-shelf” or developing a bespoke solution, journalist Paul Page interviews Softship and other experts for their opinion.

February 2011 – “Ships or software” – Asia Maritime

Asia Maritime asks whether ship operators should spend their time developing internal software solutions or focusing on delivering shipping services to their customers. Softship lends its expertise to the debate.