November 2015


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  Softship America moves to Miami

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In order to deliver an enhanced customer service experience, we have relocated our US office from New York to Miami. Miami is a logistics stronghold for the United States and places us closer to the majority of our US customers. The relocation also helps us recruit the best possible staff.

According to Softship America's Vice President Sales, Florian Guhl: "The new office is a core pillar supporting our 24/7 customer service strategy. We have a growing number of US based customers and this new facility allows us to further enhance the services and support we deliver from America, both in English and Spanish languages.

Softship America, Inc.
4000 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 555-S
Hollywood, 33021 FL

Phone: +1 (954) 606 5672
Email: team_mia@softship.com

  Real-time monitoring of your port call productivity

voyage results

Having an up-to-date view over your port call productivity is vital in today's climate of tight margins. Our VOYCES solution delivers "cockpit" visibility over all your port call activities and is interactively linked to related activities including current schedules, SOF, bunker orders, checklists, vessel capacity and utilization, next port call, previous port call, and more - all from a single screen. Critical events (such as delays) are highlighted in red and real time gains are shown in green.

The port-call screen shows all planned and actual times as well as cargo details for a specific port-call detailed down to berth level. As operations progress, this screen updates the actual times achieved and changes implemented here will update the port call schedule and can also pre-set the values in the Statement of Facts.

Our solution monitors planned versus actual port call productivity, including:

  • Planned operations hours (planned first move until planned last move)
  • Actual operations hours (actual first move until actual last move)
  • Planned moves (number of containers to be loaded, discharged and re-stowed according to the booking situation)
  • Actual moves
  • Moves per hour

For more information please contact sales@softship.com

  Understand voyage profitability in real-time

Using data from your sales tariffs, purchase tariffs, cost templates and vessel, port and cargo events our profitability reporting function in Softship.Finance prepares an accurate estimate of the profitability of each of your voyages. At any stage of the voyage the profitability is calculated and made instantly visible. This vital information allows executives to make informed decisions on how to manage the voyage profitability while the voyage is progressing.

Additional functionality enables the accounts department to reconcile supplier invoices against accrued expenses. Invoice deviations are identified and red-flagged before the invoices are approved. This assures a tight control on operating expenses and avoids issues around overcharging, double-billing and tariff-mismatching. It speeds up the invoice approval process and uses less resources.

This is a great tool which allows you to maintain a firm grip on the profitability of your voyage in a market where cost control has become a major issue for shipping companies.

Please contact sales@softship.com for more information.


Softship is the leading provider of software solutions and related services to the international liner shipping industry. Founded in 1989, Softship's software has been installed in more than 120 companies across the world. Its software products are designed to streamline and deliver efficiencies to the many processes that comprise liner shipping (commercial, operations, equipment control, finance and more) as well as providing a range of business management tools that allow shipping executives to fully analyse their commercial and operational activities.

The company is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany and has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 2001 (ISIN: DE0005758304). It also operates offices in Australia, the Philippines, Singapore and USA.


Contact Softship @ sales@softship.com
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