May 2016

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 Maintaining pace with regulations
 (SOLAS requirements for container weighing)

SOLAS requirements

The key purpose of our software is to make your working day easier and more efficient. To achieve that we must ensure that our solutions keep up-to-date with all new regulations that affect your business.

A recent change to the SOLAS regulations require, from 1 July, all shippers to declare the weight of their containers before they are loaded on board. This important addition is to address the problem of over-weight boxes adding to container losses and affecting vessel safety. Although implementation becomes effective on 1 July, IMO has granted a three month “grace period” to allow authorities to take a “practical and pragmatic approach” when enforcing the rules. Amongst other reasons, this is to allow stakeholders to refine their procedures, including installing software upgrades.

In practice, this will mean shippers communicating the “verification of gross mass” (VGM) information to the carrier and the terminal. This is important as a ship’s master will soon have the power to refuse to load containers whose weight has not been declared and documented.

To allow carriers to manage these new regulations, we’ve invested resources in upgrading our software so that our solutions can capture, store and communicate the VGM. This means that carriers will be able to automatically receive this information, process it and relay it to colleagues responsible for stowage planning as well as to the terminal as part of the load/discharge order; and of course to the ship’s master as part of the manifest/loading list.

This important patch is now available to all our customers and please contact us for more details.

 Online demonstrations of new port agency software

SAPAS webcasts

Our brand new cloud solution for ports agents is now fully operational and available for use from

Titled SAPAS (Softship’s Advanced Port Agency Solution) this is a unique pay-as-you-go tool that manages all port agency and husbandry activities in a single on-line solution.

We are holding a series of on-line demonstrations to showcase SAPAS and we invite you to join us. The next planned dates are:

Central and South America
June 9th. 1000 AST (UTC-4)
Argentina 1100
Columbia 0900
Chile 1000

Sri Lanka and India
June 14th  1000 IST (UTC+5:30)

China and Chinese Taipei
June 15th 1000 SST (UTC +8)

Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei
June 16th 1000 SST (UTC +8)

To register for these free events, please visit

We look forward to telling you about this exciting new tool. If you are unable to make these dates, please contact us and we will arrange a demonstration to suit you.

 Financial strength


The investment and innovation we continue to make in our software solutions drives our ambition of maintaining a strong and global customer base. This success translates to our financial performance and we are pleased to report a 6.2% increase in turnover for the 2015 financial year. Turnover reached €7.02 million which generated a profit of €0.58 million. A large part of this revenue was derived from significant interest in our flagship ALFA and LIMA software suites where license sales achieved €1.1 million.


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