February 2017

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 Keep control of your finances

SOLAS requirements

Accessing and controlling your finances from a PC, tablet or smartphone, at your desk or on the move is now possible from Softship.Finance. This new web-based module delivers enhanced transparency and visibility over the financial aspects of your liner business. A simple click allows you to access: 

  • ocean freight invoices
  • other invoices
  • credit notes
  • an overview of Bs/L not yet invoiced

These items can be updated and amended with minimal effort. Similarly, all your vouchers can be created easily, converted to PDF and then printed or downloaded through the Web Reporting Center. Using Softship.Finance to streamline this process will free up your time to spend on other, more important tasks such as generating new business.

Our new facility also allows rapid and easy tariff management and reconciliation of incoming invoices. Differences are quickly identified and claims settled. An inbuilt tariff management facility allows the maintenance of many hundreds of individual pricing plans.  

Other benefits from Softship.Finance include:

  • responsive for desktops, smartphones and tablets;
  • easy workflow with customisable layouts and multi-update functionality;
  • data displayed in user customisable multi-edit grids allowing updates to be made and displayed in the format you choose
  • one-view invoice reconciliation for all incoming invoices.
 Exporting data, made simple


Global supply chains require the exchange of a huge amount of data giving vital information about your cargo. The information you capture in your systems must be communicated with a range of outstations including terminals, ports, depots and more. But the challenge is that most of these external authorities and facilities use their own systems which will rarely speak the same “language” as yours. To allow communication to flow, your system needs a piece of software – an interface – and often you’ll need a different interface for each of your business partners. 

Although inroads have been made to create and implement common communication standards, there are still many different protocols in circulation. And when you swap from one partner to another, it is likely that you will need to invest time and money in updating your interfaces. 

We’ve addressed this increasingly common problem with the launch of an all-purpose interface that is able to generate whatever data output your business partners require. Through the use of XML files, your LIMA database is now able to map your data to any target format. When the mapping requirement changes, you can easily alter the output format without any programming required. We call this our Generic Export Interface.

If you’d like to understand more about how easy data export can be, please contact

Softship is the leading provider of software solutions and related services to the international liner shipping industry. Founded in 1989, Softship's software has been installed in more than 120 companies across the world. Its software products are designed to streamline and deliver efficiencies to the many processes that comprise liner shipping (commercial, operations, equipment control, finance and more) as well as providing a range of business management tools that allow shipping executives to fully analyse their commercial and operational activities.

The company is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, and has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 2001 (ISIN: DE0005758304). It also operates offices in the Philippines, Singapore and USA.


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