Softship.Equipment provides real-time visibility of your equipment in each terminal or depot. Stock levels and equipment status can be managed at country, location and depot level, and demurrage/detention invoices automatically calculated based on agreed terms. Equipment repair costs and leasing expenses fees are tightly controlled, and inconsistencies identified.

This will maximise the use of your stock, and improve your cash-flow while reducing errors, disputes and duplication.



Softship.EquipmentTracking enables you to manage your equipment - containers, chassis, trailers, gensets - worldwide. Real-time inventory control and stock reporting helps optimise equipment usage across all terminals and depots. 




Softship.EquipmentManagement will automatically calculate and bill Demurrage & Detention charges to customers based on standard tariffs and customer-specific agreements in which exceptions can be handled. 




In addition, Softship.EquipmentManagement manages leasing terms and rates and keeps track of all on-hires, off-hires and direct interchanges. It calculates and charges subleases so you always know your leasing costs and you can easily reconcile leasing invoices.

Softship.SMARTS efficiently manages online or EDI-based equipment repair estimates, surveys and work orders between you and repair shops. Repair contract management, approval limits, warranty detection and use of survey results provides efficient control of all repair processes, with integrated recovery billing to third parties to manage claims.